Just one short month ago we gathered in Taipei, Taiwan for TSC 2018. It was uncertain whether or not there would be another annual festival…We are excited to announce that, because of your incredible support, there will be another TAIWAN SALSA CARNIVAL in OCTOBER 2019!!! <3 —A letter from the editor: ��To Calvin Wang and Ava Lin : Congratulations on your special day (tomorrow!). Because behind every strong man there is an even stronger woman, and without the two of you supporting each other great events like Taiwan Salsa Carnival cannot happen. Of course now you should take a nice rest and celebrate!��To Sherry Chang and the organizing team of volunteers: Not all super heroes wear capes. You’re all super heroes in my book. Thanks for putting in the early and the late hours helping to make the event run smoothly, and therefore helping to bring joy to all the artists and participants. To all the dancers and DJ’s: Some of us are full-time professional artists, some of us work two other jobs to support our dance passion. We do it because we love to make art. We love afro-latin music and dance. We love to spread positivity. We are spiritual warriors. And we give so much more than we take, whatever currency that is—cash, sweat, compassion. Keep up the good work and see you around! *I apologize in advance for anyone left out of these comments and/or the after movie. I tried my best to include as many faces and moments as possible. Thanks for your understanding. <3 **Special thanks to @Glenn sloat for sharing footage with me and always being willing to work with me on a moments notice. Iloveyou bro.🎥: Marc Nguyễn Visuals by Marc

Posted by Taiwan Salsa Carnival on Thursday, September 13, 2018



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